Poquette, Donnellan & Schlewitz Law, LLC

Our attorneys are Ronald G. Poquette, Sarah M. Donnellan, Samuel P. Schlewitz and Keenan Crawford.

We handle many areas of Law, including Worker’s Compensation, Social Security Disability and SSI Disability Benefits, Family Law, Estate Planning/Probate and multiple other areas of law as discussed on our services link. In many cases, we offer free consultations and contingent fees – No Recovery = No Fees. In all cases, we will talk to you over the phone for free so please give us a call. We look forward to speaking with you!

Here at Poquette Law we can handle your case from start to finish with our hands on every move. When you are facing legal issues the world can be a cold uninviting place, but here at Poquette Law we are familiar friendly faces. We can help handle all of your legal issues when you need it.

Ronald G. Poquette

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Sarah M. Donnellan

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Samuel P. Schlewitz

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Keenan Crawford

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Poquette, Donnellan & Schlewitz Law, LLC

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